Ariana Grande Talked About New Song

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Ariana Grande descends while she talks about the song of the New Tribute of Manchester “Get Well Soon”: Watch Video

Ariana Grande’s new album, Sweetener, is finally here, and presents a song that makes the singer work through her own trauma as we try to offer her a consolation that is still recovering from her own attacks and anxiety.

In an interview with Ebro for Beats 1 (which also included sharing her family plans with her boyfriend Pete Davidson), tears began to flow when I addressed the theme of the 2017 attack at her concert in Manchester, England, which killed and injured many of Great Fans Great sends his love to the healings of Manchester in the song of Sweetener “Get Well Soon”, but the song is universal, since it is destined to offer a “musical embrace” to all those who go through a difficult time .

Watch Grande’s chat with Ebro below:


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