Free Earth Festival From Halkidiki, Greece

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Free Earth Festival is a collaboration of like-minded dedicated Psychedelic Freedom Fighters determined to bring back the vibe to the outdoor festival scene. A family gathering about Ecology, Music and Culture, at an amazing beach location at Halkidiki, Greece!

Free Earth festival is an annual music and ecology festival from Halkidiki, which is most famous vacation part of Greece. Free Earth Festival takes place end of August every year. A massive production with 3 music stages, cultural areas, exclusive decorations, blasting sound systems, mind-blowing visuals, world-class artists… With a Global message! The festival cares environment and create stages, areas with the amazing sea & beach, the beautiful forest and the superb festival & camping areas of our venue, convinced us to move from the original river location in Ancient Olympia.

Advice For Free Earth Festival

Free Earth Festival takes place 4 or 5 days in August in the Natural place of Halkidiki, Greece. During festival, there are a lot of activities for visitors like Yoga, Open air Cinema, Workshop and Artists performance.

Free Earth Festival created near the forest on the beach side. The festival area is like a small festival village which is middle of the nature. Who really likes to get an experience with magnificent place, they should visit this festival. Festival visitors care nature and respect ecology.

During festival, there is camping area, natural food tents, and main stage part for parties. You need to get in touch with this website for ticket; Free Earth Festival


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