Taylor Swift Helped For Fans Engaged

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Taylor Swift recently played the Third Wheel as a fan used a meet-and-greet with the singer as a chance to pop the question to his now-fiancée.

Performing in Philadelphia on Friday (July 13) on her Reputation tour, Swift shared a special moment with the now-engaged couple. The man in the photo, known as Anthony, used the opportunity to propose to his girlfriend referencing the fact the two met at a Taylor Swift concert in 2013.

Taylor shouted out the couple on her Instagram writing: “They walk into the meet and greet and he says “We met 5 years ago at the Red Tour” and then…..

Anthony has started a Twitter account under the handle ‘@TSphilaPROPOSAL‘ where he posted in the build-up to the proposal and wrote: “She called me a baller and said that she is never surprised. She also said we were incredible and to go get married!!!! IS THIS REAL LIFE?!?!”.

Meanwhile, Radio host David Mueller has said that Taylor Swift “ruined” his life, almost a year after he was found guilty of groping the pop star. Mueller said that he is now “afraid to even talk to women”. “I feel like I’m in a prison. I’m not myself anymore”.


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